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How To Win By Busting Myths

We've been busting myths for over 50 years.  

Learn how winners win by avoiding the seduction of management and personal development myths.  Insights from over 30,000 CEOs offer bold new methods for winning during disruptive times.

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Over 2,000 speeches in over 100 industries,Don's  keynotes and interactive workshops made him a Top 10 speaker in the world's largest CEO organization.

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Executive Winning Strategy Bootcamp

Take executive thinking to new strategic levels by busting myths causing the high failure rates of strategic planning and using scientific, evidence-based methods to produce superior results. Fresh insights discovered by Don Schmincke while at Johns Hopkins couples the latest sciences with the most ancient insights to produce a proprietary program developed with 30,000 CEOs in over 100 industries. 


The Winning Leadership Lab

A 5-week group-coaching cohort experience exposing CEOs to the latest applied research to:

  • Increase revenues
  • Enhance strategic growth and competitive advantage
  • Resolve talent recruitment and retention challenges
  • Reduce change resistance
  • Improve accountability and execution speed


"Becoming Samurai" Winning Leadership Training

An online training program based on 700 year old archive and proven in over 2,000 workshops. Designed to:

  • Increase career potential
  • Improve personal leadership
  • Enhance recognition
  • Strengthen team bonding
  • Achieve Extraordinary results


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Winning by mythbusting the lies, myths, and delusions of management gets you better traction in your:
  • career
  • sales
  • talent
  • culture
  • competitive advantage


See what a MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher discovered.

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