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Fresh new leadership methods for enhancing revenue, strategic planning, employee engagement, org structure, and cultural alignment

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Many C-Levels want to win, but experience:

  • change resistance

  • slow decisiveness

  • unclear direction

  • employee cynicism

  • uncertain sales

Now we know how biological imperatives stop us


. . . and how to achieve better results with scientific, timeless, evidence-based approaches.

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The brutal truth? In our competitive world there are always winners and losers.

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Hi. I'm Don Schmincke

How did I end up researching management theory failure rates, and transforming strategic planning and culture change?  

No idea. As an¬†MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher, the journey was nonlinear. I was nearly arrested as a capitalist spy in the Soviet Bloc, got shot off an aircraft carrier, survived in the Kurdish capital as Tehran held hostages, was the first white person allowed into an African Tsonga village, explored religious integration in Vietnamese mountain tribes, developed missile-guidance systems while my frat brothers took Vegas (later portrayed in the movie ‚Äú21‚ÄĚ), and was caught taking my kids to a North Korean DMZ minefield. (Bad dad!)

But my background in planetary physics, AI, biomedical engineering, help me learn from many global expeditions to discovering how humans group for work, play, reproduction, civilization, and war.

That's how we invented the leadership concepts "Mindset" and "Find Your WHY"
. . . over 50 years ago.


But I'm more interested in what you want.

  • Bestselling books in over¬†12 languages
  • Awarded Senior IEEE Member Status¬†(world‚Äôs largest organization for the advancement of technology)
  • Top 10 speaker awards in the world‚Äôs largest CEO organization
  • Lifetime Speaker Award 2024
  • Millenium Speaker Award
  • Over 2,000¬†speeches across five continents.¬†


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Over 2,000 speeches in over 100 industries,Don's  keynotes and interactive workshops made him a Top 10 speaker in the world's largest CEO organization.

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Transform Your Strategic Planning Process

It's more than analytical tools and offsites.

Refresh a stale, analytical process and take executive team thinking to new strategic levels. Use scientific, evidence-based methods to explose myths causing high failure rates of strategic plans. Fresh insights discovered by Don Schmincke while at Johns Hopkins couples the latest sciences with the most ancient insights to produce a proprietary program developed with 30,000 CEOs in over 100 industries. 

Boost Organizational Performance

It Starts With The Individual 

Our world-class proprietary, scientifically-validated, "mindsetting", techniques (we invented the term) remove self-imposed, limiting beliefs to increase employee engagement, break down silos, drive teaming, increase accountability, and enhance creativity. 

Creating a high performance mindsets is our specialty. 

Assess Your Organization

Go beyond corporate culture and 360s

Identify where your hot spot is before spending time and money on the next shiny object. 

Our assessment tools show how leadership and culture impact your organization to give you the competitive edge 


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Winning by mythbusting the lies, myths, and delusions of management gets you better traction in your:
  • career
  • sales
  • talent
  • culture
  • competitive advantage


See what a MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher discovered.

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