CEO's kept asking,

"Why do so many best-selling management theories fail to implement?"  

Then an MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher discovered something shocking

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Research shows 70-90% of management theories don't work

You've been told that happy employees, motivational speeches, and the "thought leadership" the Great Company books talk about fixes everything. 

But what happened to those Great Companies?

Yet no "expert" mentions the hundreds of dead companies still clutching those books in their hands.


And you're still:

  • Getting sucked into operations doing someone else's job
  • Wasting time in meetings watching decisions lag and problems go unsolved
  • Listening to excuses why sales are missed
  • Struggling to find more talent 
  • Wondering why they just don't get it, and is it even worth the effort

Yes, you know that evolving organizational

performance is critical

So you keep trying new:

  • Training programs
  • Coaches
  • Books
  • Process facilitators
  • TEDx talks
  • . . . or even a therapist

 . . . hoping for a great result. And why not? Their website said they were great.


Yet they fall short.

Here's why...

What's stopped organizational performance for centuries still exists.


Unless you stop it,

it will continue to stop you.  

Time to start thinking differently

What if there's nothing wrong with the theories or tools you're using?

What drives the failure of your organizational changes are the hidden dangers that lie beneath the surface.

  • Strategic confusion
  • Seductive phantoms
  • Fear and selfishness 


How do I know?


I study the dead. 

While so many study successful companies, I do autopsies on the failures to find out why they died.

Let me introduce these 3 dangers into any successful organization and I can bring it to its knees.

 . . . but I can also stop them.

The New Way Forward

No matter your situation, a key training has been missing.

Executive Team
"Strategic Evolution"

For CEOs to grow sales and performance by transforming how strategic planning and leadership development occur (as seen in our award-winning speeches and books).

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"CEO Snapshot"

Expose the phantoms and unearth the REAL problems before making any changes in your organization. Used by top companies and business schools. 

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"Becoming Samurai"

Enhance strategic execution and an aligned culture by eliminating fear and selfishness using ancient, and scientifically validated, methods that drive bravery and honor.

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Meet Don Schmincke

Award-Winning Speaker, Researcher, & Internationally Recognized Leader in Organizational Development

After leaving MIT and Johns Hopkins, Don spent 30 years as a strategic growth and performance researcher.

Like many other "thought-leader expert" consultants, Don has the usual credentials...

  • Written books (2 best sellers)
  • Delivered over 1,700 speeches
  • Awarded as a top 10 speaker in the world’s largest CEO organization
  • Worked with CEO’s and organizations such as the US Navy, F100, and SMB businesses


Don's the guy they bring in when all the “experts” fail. 


Over 70% of all change programs fail to create lasting change.

Don's scientifically-validated training methods enable CEOs to root out common causes of organizational failure so they can enhance success of their organizational changes and leadership programs.

Some incredible experiences resulted from Don's strategic performance research:

  • nearly being arrested as a capitalist spy in the Soviet Bloc
  • getting shot off an aircraft carrier
  • surviving in the Kurdish capital as Tehran held hostages
  • being the first white person brought into an African Tsonga village
  • developing missile inertial guidance systems while my frat brothers took Vegas (as portrayed in the movie “21”)

As you can see, Don's team is dedicated to solving your organization's problems.

"The past two days exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you!"

F500 CEO (construction industry)

"We've seen hundreds but never anything like this. You were the highest rated we've had!"

CHAIR, World's Largest CEO Member Organization

“What a profound impact you've had on me personally, our team, and on Apple as a whole...We would not be where we are without you.”

APPLE, C-Level Officer

"Never experienced such an effective consulting program. The first time we've gotten these kinds of results from anyone . . . and I've seen a LOT of consultants!"


"With your programs, our revenues and profits increased dramatically."

CEO, Inte Q

"The most revolutionary and transforming event in my entire career."

Aerospace CEO

What are the consequences if you wait?

  • Lost  sales
  • Wasted effort forcing the next organizational change
  • Getting sucked into operations doing someone else's job
  • Lost time in meetings watching decisions lag and problems go unsolved
  • Longer lines to YOUR office!

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When 70-90% of management theories fail, we're the ones they call when all the "experts fail"