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The past two days have exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you!

 F500 Construction Co. CEO


“I hope you know what a profound impact you've had on me personally, our team,
and on Apple as a whole...Thanks for all you've done for us, and for what you will be a part of in our future. We would not be where we are without you.”
APPLE, C-Level Officer

We've had hundreds of speakers but they've never seen anything like this. You were the highest rated we've had!

CHAIR, World's Largest CEO Member Organization


"Never experienced such an effective consulting program. The first time we've gotten these kinds of results from anyone . . . and I've seen a LOT of consultants!"



Rapidly Evolve From Wherever You Are

Our unique research-based methods enhance performance

  • Seasoned CEOs
  • New CEOs
  • Family Offices
  • Key C-Level Executive

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Strategic Evolution Program

The exclusive program used by over 7,000 CEOs, the US Navy, Apple, DHL, Harvard, and others. Dramatically enhance sales, strategic advantage, and organizational performance 

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CEO Snapshot Organizational Assessment

The program used by over 5,000 companies and top business schools.

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Executive Insights Library

A remarkable collection of uniquely effective tips, mini-courses, and downloads on leadership, life, strategy, and organizational performance.

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Becoming Samurai

The New Proprietary Employee Training Driving

  • Higher Accountabiltiy
  • Faster Decisions
  • Rapid Change with Less Resistance
  • Courageous and Fierce Conversations
  • Less Politics
  • Identification of High Potential Employees
  • More Effective Employee Engagement
  • Improved Collaboration
  • More Traction in Execution
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