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VP, Harvard University

The Advanced Executive Performance Lab

with scientist, explorer, researcher

Don Schmincke

A 5-Week Program


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Go deeper on Don's  leadership methods.

Gain more insights from proprietary research arising from his expeditions and work with Oxford, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and other leading universities . . .  and tested with over 15,000 CEOs.

Tuition: $3750

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What does this look like?


90-minute weekly sessions on Zoom

  • live lectures

  • group coaching

  • hands-on engagement 

  • applied learning exercises

  • small group breakouts 

  • feedback-based learning methods

  • online coursework

What Makes This Approach Different in Executive Education?

Models Tested By Top Organizations 

Cohort-Based Design 


Modality used at MIT, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, and other institutions produces higher learning and better knowledge retention 

Greater Accountability and Commitment 

Harvard's transition of its case-method online to peer collaboration increased completion rates to 85%, from 3-6%.

MIT research found online course dropout rates of 96% vs 96% completion rate with cohort groups.

More Collaboration and Innovation

Founding director of MIT Teaching & Learning Laboratory, Dr. Lori Breslow, found students collaborating together as in cohorts scored higher than average. The dynamic environment and exposure to new ideas resulted in higher levels of innovation

Higher Motivation and Engagement 

Keith Humphreys, Stanford professor of psychiatry, found group programs more effective due to the social interaction and collective emotional support.

Professor of psychology, Spencer Kagan, found interactive processing the most powerful approach to comprehension and retention, when “students engage in interaction with partners producing new ideas and points of view.

Dramatically Enhanced Learning

2019 Harvard study, found students scored higher following active learning sessions, retaining more knowledge and actually learning more.

Psychologists and neuroscientists discovered better learning outcomes with this “interleaving” learning - forcing students to intentionally switch between different modalities, topics, ideas, exercises, breakouts, role-playing, discussions, debates, and activities, rather than focus on single subjects.

Exclusive Proprietary Content  

After studies in planetary physics, biomedical engineering, and human evolution, Don left MIT and was teaching at Johns Hopkins when he discovered what was missing in management theory.

His research discovered the reason for the high failure rates of management theories, and how to fix it using:

  • evolutionary psychology 

  • genetics

  • anthropology

  • neurology 

  • biology

A synthesis of over 100 years of academic research supported by major institutions

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