You asked an MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher to uncover

"Why am I not getting listened to, or recognized more for my achievements?
Why isn't my career advancing faster?"


He asked over 7,000 CEOs 


. . . you’re not going to believe what they said.

Take less than 3 minutes to discover something powerful


Do you feel you are:  

  • Stuck in your career?
  • Unsafe or at career risk?
  • Being passed up for promotions?
  • Not getting enough recognition for your achievements?
  • In a career that lacks purpose?


Or maybe you're doing great and want

more success faster.


But you've done all the right things.

  • Put in the long hours
  • Took on new projects to help your manager
  • Attended the company training programs
  • Read all the best-selling, self-help books
  • Have the certifications
  • Watched the TEDx videos
  • . . . and have a coach.


It doesn’t matter.

If you’re not willing help expose the truth, call someone out on their accountability, challenge new ideas, expose a dead-end project, or stop hiding with the masses

. . . your efforts are useless.

Because at the end of the day you’re just like everyone else.

What If There Was Another Way? 

Hello, I’m Don Schmincke

After leaving MIT and Johns Hopkins, I spent 30 years as a strategic growth and performance researcher.

Like many other "thought-leader expert" consultants, I have the usual credentials...

  • I’ve written books (2 best sellers)
  • I’ve delivered over 1,700 speeches
  • I’ve been awarded as a top 10 speaker in the world’s largest CEO organization
  • I’ve worked with CEO’s and organizations such as the US Navy, F100, and SMB businesses


Yet, I’m the guy they bring in when all the “experts” fail. 

Some incredible experiences resulted from my strategic performance research:

  • nearly being arrested as a capitalist spy in the Soviet Bloc
  • getting shot off an aircraft carrier
  • surviving in the Kurdish capital as Tehran held hostages
  • being the first white person brought into an African Tsonga village
  • developing missile inertial guidance systems while my frat brothers took Vegas (as portrayed in the movie “21”)

So, yeah, I’ve been through a lot figuring out how to solve your career challenges.

In my work with over 7,000 CEO’s I made 3 alarming discoveries...

After studying planetary physics, biomedical engineering, and human evolution, I left MIT and was teaching at Johns Hopkins when I faced some disturbing findings:


Discovery 1.

Management theory failure rates are 70-90%.

I know. You've spent a lot of time learning new best-selling theories on how to be more successful, a better leader, and a great team player.

But I've watched many careers stall, or fail swiftly, despite all that.

Even in successful companies, I see wars raging on as executives try to make needed changes, and weary employees try to resist.

Maybe you see this going on in your organization right now?

You’re not alone.

How many times have you been disappointed after hearing a motivational speaker that provided strong motivation, but weak implementation?

So, I turned to evolutionary genetics, anthropology, and neurology to uncover deeper ways for understanding why this happens and find new biologically-driven methods to fix it.


Finally, I unearthed a discovery in an obscure, ancient training manuscript written 7 centuries ago.


Oxford University gave me permission to research, publish, and test my findings with over 7,000 CEOs.


This led to an even bigger discovery. One that none of your thought-leader "experts" ever told you . . . 


Discovery 2.

There's nothing wrong with your career development and self-improvement efforts!

You probably know more than enough about what to do to become very successful.


So why is your career growth, recognition and rewards not happening fast enough?

Discovery 3.

Something much deeper sabotages you:

  • Hesitation
  • Hanging on to old beliefs
  • Letting your ego get in the way
  • Not being brave enough to challenge yourself or others
  • Resisting change



  The real reasons failure happens:


So how do you 

from sabotaging your career?


What to do before wasting time in another 

training program or self-help book?


7,000 CEOs told us the answer.


Now we're going to tell YOU.





The secret lay buried in a 700-year-old Samurai text

on death, bravery, and honor


(and it's been secretly working for hundreds of years)




"Becoming Samurai" is a 9-week online course that strengthens you for the highest levels of career performance:

  • Each module contains:

    • Practical implementation exercises with relevancies, reflections, and on-the-job  action steps

    • Multiple, highly effective instructional modalities including:
      • High-quality cinematography and effects
      • Brief, easily consumable text 
      • Useful downloads and surveys
      • Short, impactful video lessons

    • Engagement checkpoints with your manager to enhance implementation and your success

Before you start thinking

"Just another self-help, motivational training program."


Think again.

This enhances ALL your training.


And sets you up for a more powerful, purpose-driven future!

Why Use Samurai Training?

(a brief 20-second overview)


What's In The Program?

Weekly Disciplines Include:

Taking personal responsibility for the journey becomes critical for the path ahead.

- Be responsible for your performance and blame no one.
- Understand the value of engaging with your manager.
- Prepare your manager for support.
- Prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically.
- Realize the value of the disciplines you will learn.

Fear stops employees from reaching higher, taking needed risks, and improving their performance. 

- Identify what fears stop you.
- How to move beyond your fears.
- Seek higher growth and development.
- Aspire to a higher potential despite your fears.
- Be more willing to innovate.
- Be open to feedback and coaching.

Sustaining competitive strength requires continuous evolution. This means change is necessary, and that means something must die in order to be replaced by something else.

- Understand why change occurs.
- How to accept, engage, and support change.
- Reduce change resistance.
- Step up to accept new roles and responsibilities.

Primal, selfish, ego-driven behaviors hinder strategic execution. Understanding how to deal with this effectively frees the organization for higher performance.

- Get EGO out of the way.
- Let go of what's holding you back.
- Make faster decisions.
- Stop blaming and infighting.
- Let the team mission drive.
- Reduce selfishness.

Strategic performance requires "Accountability". Employees need to be “counted on” by the CEO to fulfill duties, make wise decisions, and honor the values and purpose.

- Be brave enough to do the right thing, even if uncomfortable.
- Focus more on results .
- Hold yourself and others accountable.
- Tell the truth even if unpopular so that management knows about real issues and can address them early. 

Honoring values, goals, and purpose are critical for successful organizations. This becomes strained when disrespect arises from other employees, customers, or competitors. But a Samurai employee has no excuse to violate this Code.

- Why and how to honor company values.
- Lead from trust.
- Ensure honesty.
- Preserve integrity.

What's In It for YOU

  • Elevate your respect as a leader 
  • Accelerate your career growth
  • Enhance your pay
  • Open more career growth opportunities 
  • Be recognized and rewarded more

Professional fulfillment even if you feel your career is stalled or you’ve been ignored. 

Imagine the Impact If You Were: 

Brave enough to:

- Take on greater challenges

- Tell the truth before it's too late

- Act without fear

- Be admired for accountability

- Embrace and lead change with less resistance

- Be seen as innovative and collaborative

- Have more courage 

Honorable enough to:

- Protect your values

- Follow your ideals and purpose

- Not be distracted by politics

- Demonstrate selfishlessness

- Not blame, but accept mistakes

- Gain increased respect as a leader

Strategic enough to:

- Know how to influence performance

- Enhance the customer experience and sales

- Focus on traction

- Make faster decisions

- Solve problems effectively

- Engage others better

- Grow  competitive  performance


Concepts Developed and Validated With Over 7,000 CEOs

In addition to permissions from Oxford and other universities, the methods and models survived field-testing against the hardest, most cynical audiences - the CEOs in our workshops for over 25 years.

Ancient truths validated by anthropology, evolutionary genetics, neurology, and other biological sciences


What are the consequences if you wait?

  • Less recognition and rewards
  • More pain and frustration
  • Wasted time
  • Harder work day
  • Missed financial opportunities
  • Depression 

Time to Strengthen Your Career and Leadership

The future isn't going to wait for you

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