"I'm frustrated. These 'bestselling' management theories
fail to impact my sales or competitive advantage."


What do I do?

The methods we discovered are controversial, but remarkably effective ...

As a CEO, you need to: 
- increase revenues
- enhance competitive advantage 
- disrupt, or avoid disruption


so, to get more traction you try:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Culture Change
  • Restructuring
  • New processes and systems
  • Training and coaching
  • Consultants
  • . . . and even a therapist


Yet for some reason organizational changes still fall short.



Why? Failed changes are sabotaged by: 

  • Change Resistance
  • Ego-driven Agendas
  • Lack of Accountabilty and Trust¬†
  • Dishonoring of Values
  • Politics and Silos
  • Lack of Bravery
  • Fear and¬†Anxiety
  • Poor Manager¬†Engagement
  • CYA, infighting, blaming


Resulting in lost traction on sales, profits, and customer satisfaction. 

You're not alone.


Research shows 70-90% of management theories don't work

You've been told that happy employees, motivational speeches, and "thought leadership" just about fixes everything. 

But what happened to those Great Companies in all the books?

They fell swiftly despite hiring the best "experts", consultants, and thought-leaders.


I know.  It sucks. 


 . . . but what if you started thinking differently?


I do autopsies.


Instead of studying successful companies,

I study the dead.


Using evolutionary psychology, genetics, anthropology, neurology, we discovered the source of failure lies beneath the surface.


  • Strategic confusion

  • Seductive phantoms

  • Fear and selfishness


These dangers stop any successful organization and brings it to its knees.

. . . but knowing this also allows us to  also stop them.


The Winning Organization

A Strategic Performance Transformation 


Most strategic plans are not strategic. They are tactics. Go ahead. Open up yours and check.


The proprietary "Enterprise Strategic System" alters how planning and execution occurs. As revealed in Don Schmincke's books and  speeches, fresh levels of strategic awareness drive new changes in organization structure, culture, and leadership style. CEOs experience dramatic competitive advantage and speed of execution.

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The Professional Development Program developed by the organization that invented the term "mindsetting" over 50 years ago

As the research partner fo The Pacific Institute you have access to these programs to address limiting beliefs, cChange resistance, lack of accountability.



This powerful curriculum dives into employee habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations to optimize performance and well-being. 


This program applies The Pacific Institute’s Mindsetting curriculum to the world famous well-being PERMA* model to accelerate results, build resilience, enhance engagement and overcome areas where you may be “stuck". PERMA= Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment. We help you BREAK FREE!

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Organization Assessment

Through TPI, we offer The Organizational Culture Inventory, the world’s most thoroughly researched and widely used organizational culture assessment.

Not knowing what people really believe, and not triggering tribal grouping instincts, results in empty results from many training programs. 



The behavioral norms measured
are cConstructive and
facilitate problem solving, decision making, teamwork, productivity, long-term effectiveness, and what detract from effective performance.

The results are used to:
‚ÄĘ Obtain reliable data on the behavioral
norms of the organization and/or
its sub-units
‚ÄĘ Validate a need for cultural change on
the part of participants
‚ÄĘ Identify the areas where change needs
to take place
‚ÄĘ Develop a vision for culture change
‚ÄĘ Create individual and organizational
action plans for effecting cultural
‚ÄĘ Evaluate the impact of organizational
change efforts

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What Are Our New Performance Methods Based On?


A synthesis of over 100 years of academic research and 30 years of field testing with 15,000+ organizations. Our research on the high failure rates of management theories began at MIT and Johns Hopkins, with further support and insights from institutions like Oxford, Harvard, Wharton, Dartmouth, and many others


Taught and used by over 15,000 CEOs and C-level executives


Implemented by the most prominent organizations in the world. 


Based on our research and support from leading institutions and minds.

What These New Approaches Can Do For Your Company

Increased in sales, competitive advantage, and customer satisfaction from:

  • Having successful leadership and organizational development programs
  • Higher accountability with a more powerful culture
  • More productivity and less politics
  • Faster and wiser decisions
  • Increased openness to learning and innovation

Ancient truths validated by anthropology, evolutionary genetics, neurology, and other biological sciences. 

What are the consequences if you wait?

  • Loss of ROI causing more pain trying to justify next year's training budget
  • Extra effort trying to get employees to step up in accountability
  • More time wasted in politics, CYA, turf battles, excuses, blaming, and other time-sapping dysfunctional behaviors
  • More dead-end projects driving expenses higher
  • Longer lines to HR . . or to YOUR office!

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