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Picking the wrong speaker is disastrous

People count on you

  • but how can you tell if a celebrity can't command the stage?
  • or a newbie with a slick website can deliver?
  • or if the speaker can adapt to fit your conference's theme?

Feeling anxious about whether your attendees will leave energized with immediate take-home value?


It's not just you.

Even the most experienced meeting planners mistakenly hire a speaker that bombs, or get seduced by the next bright shiny topic. 

Is there a Better Way?


Remove any doubts and risks by making sure your next speaker provides:  

  • Validation: Don Schmincke has been awarded the Millennium Award and Top Performer Award by  the largest CEO organizations in the world. He is also bestselling author with Amazon hottest-new release recognition.

  • Experience: Don has presented at over 2,000 events across 5 continents. He has not only trained thousands of CEOs, but implements what he teaches . . .

Yes. Let that sit for a moment.

Here's a speaker that doesn't just speak, but implements his work in a hundred industries with a money-back guarantee.

  • Freshness: Audiences consistently find Don's speeches remarkably different and memorable because of the unique, rare insights. Beyond an amazing keynote, Don reveals eye-opening moments from his Himalayan, Asian, and African expeditions. Your audiences discover knowledge never before published or seen with other speakers.
    • How to lead differently using genetic, evolutionary triggers.
    • What drove the high market penetration of Alexander, Ceasar, Genghis Kahn, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson.

When your audiences get exposed to this, they'll feel it was worth their time and money to attend your event.

  • More Than Just a Motivational Speech. Motivational speeches are just not enough anymore. Gone are the days when just hiring a celebrity works. In addition to an inspiring and entertaining speaker, your speaker needs to be a subject matter expert. Don’s background at MIT, Johns Hopkins, and the Harvard biomedical lab, as well as training over 30,000 CEOs in a hundred industries makes him a proven resource.

  • Immediate Take-Home Value. Today, competitive alternatives to events are just a click away. But an audience will invest in your conference if they walk away with immediate application ideas for impacting their life and business. Don delivers. Just ask the 30,000 executives who've heard him. 

  • Impact, Engagement, and Entertainment. Interaction is the most notable, even memorable factor, for audiences. Don's engages audiences with rare questions,  dilemmas, and exercises as he masterfully shares stories from real business successes. Don's dry and irreverent sense of humor has audiences laughing out loud. Your attendees will be glued to their seats.

  • Customization. Don knows that research and customization are critical. He studies your audience to customize his program for maximum impact, and works with your team pre-event as needed to help tune the agenda, introductions, workshop flows, and other event elements. He even adapts as needed before the event to ensure an amazing event. 

  • Flexibility. An effective speaker knows how to stay on time and on topic, even when plans change. As a seasoned speaker, Don, on the fly, knows how to convert a 45-minute presentation into what now has to be a 30-minute presentation, and does it without the audience knowing the difference.

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OK. Now Let's Find Out About This Guy, Don.

Lou Dobbs (CNN interview)

“One of the most effective management forms in history.”

Bestselling Author

The Code of the Executive

  • Top 5 Best-Seller (CEOREAD)
  • Now In 12 languages

“What a book! Short, fast, effective 1000 years of leadership principles in 100 pages. It should be read and remembered by every executive.”        
Brian Tracy


High Altitude Leadership

  • #7 Leadership Bestseller (Amazon)
  • #2 Hottest New Release (Amazon)
  • With Chris Warner, top rescue climber, NBC Emmy-nominated . 

"Using harrowing first person accounts of life and death . . . eight lessons leaders need to learn to reach the highest peak of success in business. Dare to be a high altitude leader. Read this book!" 
Ken Blanchard

Awarded Top-10 Speaker

- By World’s Largest CEO Membership Organization

- Over 2,000 speeches

“One of the most respected management gurus in the world.”
Jack Covert

“So different from the ‘flavor of the month’ speeches we hear so much of.”
CEO, Chemical Industry Conference

In Demand!

- Over 75 speeches annually

- Heard by over 30,000 executives 

- Hundreds of industry publications

“By far the best speaker with the best message of any.” 
Retail Industry Conference


“So different from the ‘flavor of the month’ speeches we hear so much at conferences.”  
Aerospace Conference

“By far the best speaker with the best message of any at the leadership symposium.” 
Association Conference

"The learning we gained is showing up all over our company. It's very cool to see it happening!"
Internal Hi-Tech Corporate Workshop

"We've had great speakers, but you're the only one who received 100's from everyone! Great job!"
Hi-Tech Conference

"Very insightful! At the conference, you brought me to tears.  One of the best presentations I ever heard! "
HR Conference

"We are ever so grateful  for helping us see the truth. You really have a most unique gift to share!"
CEO Council

... accused by a NY press agency of providing “the most provocative view of business than any other speaker today.”

What else would you expect from an MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher who was nearly arrested as a capitalist spy in the Soviet Bloc, got shot off an aircraft carrier, survived in the Kurdish capital as Tehran held hostages, was the first white person brought into an African Tsonga village, and developed missile inertial guidance systems while his frat brothers took Vegas (later portrayed in the movie “21”)? 

Many find Don's irreverence refreshing and his methods effective. His systems have been validated in organizations from the Fortune 100 like DuPont, DHL, Apple, and Verizon, to the U.S. Navy. 


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Speech Topic

Winning Strategically 

The science behind boosting revenues and organizational performance


CEOs, Business Owners, and C-Levels (can be also tailored for sales teams and middle-managers)

Ideal for cynical executives who, after hearing100 speakers and reading every bestselling book, want something fresh, evidence-based, and challenging of status-quo ideas. This is NOT a good speech for audiences impressed with the same old regurgitated theories and shallow motivational speeches.

Keynotes at industry conferences or workshops for corporate meetings

Achieving peak performance requires more than best-selling management theories with a 70-90% failure rate and bestsellers with “great company lists” that change after 36 months? Using his research from MIT and Johns Hopkins, Don Schmincke uses evolutionary genetics to expose popular management myths and unearth controversial but scientifically accurate methods that accelerate sales, market penetration, competitive advantage, and organizational performance. Based on his books, "The Code of the Executive" and “High Altitude Leadership”, Don irreverently and humorously dispels “program-of-the-month” theories and replaces them with revolutionary, controversial insights. Proven after 2,000 speeches, audiences leave with a new way of thinking and uniquely refreshing alternatives to modern leadership hype.

Audiences leave with actionable, takeaway ideas on:
• Why most strategic plans are really tactical, and how that stops winning performance.
• How we’re teaching leadership theory all wrong (it’s not about leadership styles).
• Why CEOs who violate best-practices and what we teach in MBA schools end up dominating their markets.
• What seduction sabotages strategic execution, and why it’s avoided by mainstream experts.
• Why followers don’t really follow leaders – and what they’re really following.
• Why change programs fall short, and the genetic solution for fixing it.

Audiences walk away with novel and energizing leadership approaches to execute strategy, improve the bottom-line, and have more fun winning.

Keynote Speeches: $15K. Workshops: $9500

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