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Strategic Growth Secrets from Ancient Samurai

Jun 08, 2020

What do the Ancient Samurai have to do with business?

At first, you might not see much of a connection.
But in reality, the similarities between the sword and the boardroom are uncanny. 

When I wrote “The Code of the Executive” my intentions were for an historical academic contribution to the work I was doing at Johns Hopkins. The ancient manuscript enabled deep insights into the traditions and rituals that made the samurai one of the longest-running, most honorable organizations in history. 

But something unexpected happened. 

Companies applying the same principles also achieved similar higher performance results. They executed strategy with more speed, and produce higher alignment in their cultures. 

Samurai-like executive teams operating with honor, integrity, and bravery out perform other team structures. Their practices for subjugating the ego unleashes more powerful actions, decisions, and execution speed. And these behaviors are invaluable for increased growth and profitability. 

The problem is MBA programs and internal management training programs fail to provide methods to subdue the ego. But from applying these methods in organizations in multiple industries we’ve found that executive teams emerge consistently stronger.

And companies possessing teams like this outmaneuver even much larger competitors. 

Accelerating strategic growth with ancient, timeless principles principles is a useful option for many leaders. 



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